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Hello, I'm D.M. Kilgore! 

I am a Freelance Writer, Published Author, Novelist, and Entrepreneur.

I've been known to genre-hop as the mood strikes, but I specialize in romantic terror and suspense … always with a hard-hitting plot twist (or two).

My stories tend to shine a light on the darkest parts of the human soul. I enjoy exploring what happens when heart-stopping chills and thrills collide with unexpected romance, consuming passions, and unpredictable dangers.

I often write about broken people striving to find their way.  Hope in the face of desperate circumstances is a reoccurring theme in my novels.

My published stories range from rescue dog tales to sci-fi fairy tales, and psychotic love stories to supernatural fantasies, and anything and everything in between.

I'm currently hard at work on more suspense-filled thrillers, horrific chillers, and supernatural fantasies in the form of short stories, flash fiction, full-length novels, and new anthology projects.

Welcome to My Realm!

This is my official "writer life" blog, so it's (mostly) about Novel Living! What's that?

Novel, as an adjective, means: strikingly new, unusual, or different.

I'm definitely unusual and different! And, I'm always looking for strikingly new adventures and ways to improve myself and my work!

Naturally, my life (and my stories) tend to reflect these qualities. As do my blogs!

I'll be sharing all the excitement and misadventures of my anything-but-ordinary writer's life, as well as snippets, sneak peeks, updates, favorite books and authors, writing tricks and tools, freebies, and much more.

Helpful Tips For Readers:

• Brace for impact.

• Buy a night-light.

• Leave a review.

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